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nspired with traditional and vintage style, which we connect into concept of contemporary barbering, we designed a program of education unique for us.

At Polyboy Academy, by "putting tradition into new clothes", we teach our students everything from basics to finnese of this special barbering style, giving them skills for best service of their current and new clients, which respond to individual needs of every man.

Our educators have knowledge and skills of prestige hairdresser Academies, making them richer through numerous participations at some of the best professional conventions together with their own long time experience and exquisit approach acknowledged also out of our borders.

Goal is to share our huge knowledge and unique style through Academy with new generations of barbers and

teach them how to achive every man who enters their salon leaves looking like a gentleman. Giving them power to create with their scissors hair styles which will envoke best parts of history through modern approach and last for months, looking impecable every day.

During two days, when our participants will learn through Look and Learn and Workshop approach, about hair structure and shape of head, they will be able to see gentlemen’s cut with three elements of geometry haircut – horizontal, gradual, layered, make 2D drawings of haircuts with help of educator and finally all learned theories apply on Academy’s models. Marko, founder of Polyoby barber shop and educator at Polyboy Akademy, specially designed Polyboy notebooks for participants to write down everything learned and use them for technical drawings of haircuts. At the end of education, every participant will receive Polyboy diploma.

Marko Šimunović

Master Barber

Your barber for 21st century

One of the pioneer founders
of the barbering movement in Croatia

Man from Slavonia, creative, educator, barber,
poet and free philosopher

From his passion for creation and perfection, first came to life desire to become stonemason, still he decided to apply his skills on hair and beards of his clients. After moving to Zagreb he started working in studio “Mile”, following “ZGAT” what was the beginning of his professional career.

In 2013. and 2014. he was at prestige “Sasoon” Academy in London. From 2015. until 2019. Marko performs at Hairstyle News Festival, international hairdresser festival, which is dedicated to development of hairdressing, its promotion in public and creation of successful Croatian hairdressing community.

His independent career started with creation of “Polypus” studio, which was officially opened for the first time on 19th November 2012. as a part of piercing studio “Octopus” in Gundulićeva street 37/1 in Zagreb. Later he opens Polyboy Barber Shop in Savska street. Top team of barbers is formed who daily make men more handsome through their exquisite feeling for beautiful, tradition, modern and before all perfection, by which this barber shop is well known also abroad Croatia.

Most skills he learned and perfected on his own because there was no one to learn from about this specific approach to barbering in Croatia at the time. He started to educate others, as he says, because “every experienced barber wasn’t interested in sharing with younger barbers, that was the reason why I decided to take control in my hands. I learned through watching other colleagues from around the world. At that time, I started working on my friends who trusted me. In simple words I’m interested in men’s fashion and style.”

In Polyboy barber shop we especially cherish combination of vintage style from 1910. until end of 70s and modern techniques which results in individual approach to every head and beard.

Because of how he handles the scissors, takes care of his tools, manages his team to “final touch”, his clients leave the salon with unique recognizable hair styles and beards, Marko is truly the best barber on the scene. Listening to Marko, learning and working besides him absorbing his huge knowledge, is special opportunity which every hairdresser looking for quality education in barbering could wish for.

Saša Pupić

Before he became skillful barber, after finishing engineering high school and computer programming college, Saša tried to make a career in computer programming through different student jobs and working as computer system and network administrator as well as technical support at “Visoko Učilište Algebra”.

However, love for hair and hair styling brought him to Polyboy Barber Shop. With Marko’s help he started learning to become a barber. First education happened in 2018. in Maribor, at “Buhair” salon. Two years in a row 2018. and 2019., he participated Zagreb Hairstyle News Festival, under Marko’s mentoring. Since 2020. until today in Polyboy, officially as a salon manager, not only he makes men prettier, but teaches other colleagues how to do that.

Be the part of Polyboy Academy!

Upgrade your knowledge participating our little but big Academy and take opportunity to learn from the best barbers in this part of the world
@marko_simunovic_barber   @sasa_pupic .
Experience the breeze of forgotten classic barbering from last century at our seminars.

The best barbers will share the basics of hairdressing
through individual approach and paying attention to smallest details.

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    Polyboy Barber Shop is a place where elegance, experience and tradition meet. Through many years of hard work and education this top team becomes more and more recognized on Croatian scene and abroad. Polyboy is the right choice for all of you who wish excellent care for your hair and beard!
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